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  • Latest Book – Out Now

    Latest Book – Out Now

    The first book in my new How to Become a Startup Pro On the Side” series is available to order right Now on Amazon. “Essential reading for any creative Entrepreneur – Business Week “If you’re a new entrepreneur, creator or business professional looking start your own business “How To Become A Startup Pro on the side”, will […]

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  • A Simple Framework for  Instantly Increasing Team Performance

    A Simple Framework for Instantly Increasing Team Performance

    Driving competitive advantage by getting your most important capital (people) working together whilst remaining focused on common goals and outcomes can be one of the biggest challenges facing organisations today. Personal agendas, positioning, politics, opinions and differing views and viewpoints can all detract valuable time, effort and financial resources away from delivering the results that […]

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  • Ep.6 – A Cunning Plan

    Ep.6 – A Cunning Plan

    A Cunning plan Once again “happy” Wednesday (delivery day) had rolled around and the usual free sweetie stocks were duly delivered. Like a hustling drug dealer, I would separate all of the sweets from the tubes and then make up a number of variety packs all containing about eight sweets each, which I duly wrapped […]

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  • Ep.5 – The Young Entrepreneur

    Ep.5 – The Young Entrepreneur

    The Young Entrepreneur My grandparent’s weekly visits were not only eagerly awaited due to the prospect of an afternoon of extreme confectionery indulgence; there was much more at stake from a young entrepreneur’s perspective. In addition to the outstanding selection of what seemed like dinner plate sized cream buns on offer, my generous grandparents also […]

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  • Ep.4 – In The Beginning

    Ep.4 – In The Beginning

    In The Beginning My first exposure to and experience of entrepreneurialism and that way of thinking and operating was a complete accident. At just ten years old I was already an avid small-time “on the side” entrepreneur, although I didn’t know it at the time of course. At the tender age of ten I barely […]

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  • 4C’s Framework

    4C’s Framework

    I designed the 4C’s framework as part of my consulting toolkit to help both individuals and  organisations to increase productivity and effectiveness. This small ebook provides step by step instruction on how best to implement it.  4C’s Framework- Free 8 Page PDF Click on the image to instantly download the ebook. no sign up is […]

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  • QSS Startup Canvas

    QSS Startup Canvas

    Quickly start mapping out your latest business ideas with my QSS (Quick, Small Simple) startup canvas. Whist a simple tool the startup canvas is an ideal starting point for helping to provide clarity and getting you thinking about associated elements like product and service creation, customer segmentation, costs, resourcing, defining your value proposition and identifying […]

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  • Ep.3 – How To Become A Startup Pro Series

    Ep.3 – How To Become A Startup Pro Series

    What You Really Need Many startup “gurus”, books and new entrepreneurs themselves for that matter often focus on the big startup vision. This normally involves grand plans of heading up a large venture capital funded industry disruptor that will quickly redefine entire industries or generate completely new markets, with notions of becoming the next Facebook, […]

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  • Ep.2 – The Startup Universe

    Ep.2 – The Startup Universe

    The Startup Universe We live in a changing world where just about everyone wants to be starting something. We have evolved into a generation of savvy entrepreneurs, business owners and empire builders, who can bootstrap their startups with nothing more than a simple idea, a meagre self-funded budget and a bucket load of effort and […]

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  • Ep.1 – We Are All Born Entrepreneurs

    Ep.1 – We Are All Born Entrepreneurs

    Welcome to a brand new multi part serialisation containing extracts from the How To Become A Startup pro – On The Side book Series by james Kingham AKA The Online Startup Pro.  We Are All Born Entrepreneurs It’s a sad fact of life that the majority of wannabe entrepreneurs will never get to fulfil their […]

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