Write That Book

Write & Publish Your Own Professional
Business Book In Just 12 Weeks.

If you’re looking to quickly establish your position as an expert and build instant credibility in the eyes of prospective customers, clients and employers whilst developing stand out differentiation that your competitors will simple be unable to compete with, writing and publishing a book is still one of the best most effective ways of achieving it. 

I have yet to come across any method that delivers more “bang for the buck” than being able to reference a published book. Imagine for a moment that you’re pitching your business or yourself against any number of competitors. All have good skills, experience and great proposals but you’re the only one in the room with a published book on the table that promotes your expertise and professionalism. Let’s be honest, in this circumstance who do you think is more likely to make the sale or get hired?  In fact, do this with style, confidence and panache and you will succeed in making your competition completely insignificant. 

What impact and influence do you think, you could leverage if you’re able to send your prospects your latest book that’s packed to the gills with great content and insights before you meet in person. It really doesn’t matter if they read it or not, the credibility gained from just having a book to send in the first place is emence. On some occasions I will even send a number of copies to be distributed to other senior team members and decisions makers.  

This all sounds great but I have no idea how to plan, write, self publish or market a professional book, so where and how do I start?  That’s a great question and it’s the reason why I have put together the only in-depth business authors publishing course.

As a business professional I have written, co-authored and contributed to over thirty business publications both self published and commercially published.  As a result I know thing or two about how to successfully write and publish business books that not only sell for profit but build your credibility, expertise and position you as a leading industry expert.

Image how being considered the leading industry or niche expert would open doors, create new opportunities and vastly increase your revenue creation capability and capacity. My books are now not only a valuable source on-going passive revenue in their own right, they have quite literally allowed me to build my reputation, business and  revenues to extraordinary levels. 

So what do you get in the business book publishers course?

First of all my latest course is delivered in a live interactive workshop format. This is not not a generic pre recorded course. This way of teaching is a clear winner when it comes to actively learning new topics, especially where speed and focus is of the essence.  You will not only get access to the latest business publishing information and insights you will get your many questions answered right there and then. The business author workshop sessions are not just relayed information, you are going to take you new found knowledge and apply it directly as we collaboratively write, produce and publish your book over the course of the twelve week workshop. 

Topics covered include how to plan your book, including how to start writing, how to quickly generating ideas, what content to include and what not to and more importantly why. I discuss hot topics like editing, content delivery, formatting content, the best fonts, sizes, margins and book layouts, for both digital and paper back versions. 

You even get access to my exclusive repository of business book template resources in popular formats like Microsoft word and google docs to get you started. I will show you exactly how to design awesome business book covers as well as the mechanics of actually publishing your book on digital platforms like Amazon, Google and Apple and unlike many generic book writing courses it doesn’t stop there. You will also learn the exact formula I use to quickly publish great looking business paperbacks plus how to professionally record, format and upload your book to Audible. This one strategy alone could very quickly accelerate you exposure, sales and publishing profits. 

Finally we will cover the exact marking strategies and campaigns used by best selling authors to make sure that your new book is a winner both on and offline. This includes how to illicit valuable pre release testimonials collect all important reviews and create effective automated pre launch campaigns alongside gaining free commercial exposure.  

As the Business Author workshops are live events (although recorded versions will be freely available for reference to course members) space is limited to ensure I can maintain a high quality teaching environment. The next course starts on the 1st march 2019 and is priced at just £499.00. If you want to get started and have your first professional book published in just 12 weeks time, now is the time to get started. Click here to book check course availability.